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Тексты песен Modern Talking, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Modern Talking фото

Здесь вы можете найти тексты песен Modern Talking, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Modern Talking фото.

Modern Talking photo picture Modern Talking фото

Modern Talking - немецкая группа, поющая в стиле европоп и евродэнс. Основана в 1984 году. Исполнители Дитер Болен и Томас Андерс.


Тексты песен:

10 Seconds To Countdown Higher Than Heaven Operator Gimme 609
A Telegram to Your Heart How Deep is Your Love? Paradise
After Your love is Gone How You Mend a Broken Heart Part Time Lover
All I Have If I... Princess of the Night
America I'll Never Fall in Love Again Rain in My Heart
And the Angels Sing in New York City I'll Never Give You Up Ready For the Victory
Angie's Heart I'm Gonna Be Strong Riding on a White Swan
Anything is Possible I'm No Rockefeller Romantic Warriors
Arabian Gold I'm Not Guilty Rouge Et Noir
Atlantis is Calling (S.O.S. For love) I'm So Much in Love Run To You
Avec To I Can't Give You More Send Me a Letter From Heaven
Bells of Paris I Need You Now Sexy Sexy Lover
Blackbird I Will Follow You Shooting Star
Blinded By Your Love In 100 Years Should I, Would I, Could I
Blue Eyed Coloured Girl Independent Girl Slow Motion
Brother Louie In Shaire SMS To Your Heart
Can't Get Enough It's Christmas Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere
Can't let You Go It's Your Smile Summer in December
Charlene It Hurts So Good Superstar
Cheri Cheri Lady Jet Airliner Sweet Little Sheila
China in Her Eyes Juliet Taxi Girl
Cinderella Girl Just Close Your Eye's Ten Thousand Lonely Drums
Cosmic Girl Just Like an Angel The Angels Sing in New York City
Diamonds Never Made a Lady Just We Two (Mona Lisa) The Modern Talking Space Mix
Doctor For My Heart Keep Love Alive The Night is Yours, the Night is Mine
Don't Break Me King of Love The No.1 Hit Melody
Don't Give Up Knocking on My Door There's Something in the Air
Don't Let It Get You Down Ladi Lai There's Too Much Blue in Missing You
Don't Let Me Down Last Exit To Brooklyn (Track 2) This Time
Don't Let Me Go Let's Talk About Love Time is on My Side
Don't lose My Number Life is Too Short TV Makes the Superstar
Don't Make Me Blue Like a Hero Walking in the Rain of Paris
Don't Play With My Heart Locomotion Tango We Still Have Dreams
Don't Take Away My Heart Lonely Tears in Chinatown We Take the Chance
Don't Worry Love Don't Live Here Anymore When the Sky Rained Fire
Down on My Knees Love is Forever Who Will Be There?
Do You Wanna? Love is Like a Rainbow Who Will Love You Like I Do
Everybody Needs Somebody Love To Love You Who Will Save the World
Fight For the Right Love Lucky Guy Why Did You Do It Just Tonight
Fly To the Moon Maria Why Does It Feel So Good
For a Life Time Mrs. Robota Wild Wild Water
For Alway's And Ever My Lonely Girl Win the Race
From Coast To Coast Mystery With a Little Love
Geronimo's Cadillac New York City Girl You And Me
Girl Out of My Dreams Night To Remember You Are Not Alone
Give Me Peace on Earth No Face No Name No Number You Can Win If You Want
Good Girls Go To Heaven Nothing But the Truth You're My Heart - You're My Soul
Heart of an Angel One in a Million You're Not Lisa
Heaven Will Know Only Love Can Break My Heart You're the Lady of My Heart
Hey You    

Тексты песен Modern Talking, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Modern Talking фото
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