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Тексты песен Nazareth, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Nazareth фото

Здесь вы можете найти тексты песен Nazareth, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Nazareth фото.

Nazareth Фото/ Photo Nazareth

Nazareth - шотландская группа, поющая в стиле хард-рок, хэви-метал и софт-рок. Основана в 1968 году. Участники - Дэн Маккаферти, Джимми Мюрисон, Пит Эгню , Мэнни Чарлтон, Дэрэл Свит и др.


Тексты песен:

1692 Hang on To a Dream Preservation
A Veteran's Song Hard Living Rags To Riches
Ain’t Got You Heart’s Grown Cold Railroad Boy
Alcatraz Helpless Rain on the Window
All Nite Radio Hire And Fire Razamanaz
All the Kings Horses Hit the Fan Red Light Lady
Animals Holiday Revenge is Sweet
Another Year Holy Roller Right Between the Eyes
Back To School Homesick Again Rip It Up
Back To the Trenches I Don’t Want To Go on Without You Road Ladies
Backroom Boys I Had a Dream Road To Nowhere
Bad Bad Boy I Ran Robber and the Roadie
Beggar's Day I Want To Do Everything For You Ruby Tuesday
Big Boy I Will Not Be Led Sad Song
Blackhearted Woman If You See My Baby Salty Salty
Boogie In My Time See You, See Me
Born To Love Java Blues Shanghai’d in Shanghi
Born Under the Wrong Sign Jet Lag Shapes of Things
Boys in the Band Juicy Lucy Ship of Dreams
Bring It Home To Mama Juliet Shot Me Down
Broken Down Angel Just Another Heartache Showdown at the Border
Burning Down Just To Get Into It Silver Dollar Forger
Busted Keeping Our Love Alive Simple Solution
Called Her Name Kentucky Fried Blues Sold My Soul
Can't Shake Those Shakes Lady Luck Somebody To Roll
Carry Out Feelings L.A. Girls Spinning Top
Cat's Eye, Apple Pie Lap of Luxury Stand By Your Beds
Changin' Times Last Exit Brooklyn Star
Cheerleader Let Me Be Your Dog Steamroller
Child in the Sun Let Me Be Your Leader Sunshine
Cinema Lift the Lid Sweet Little Rock And Roller
Claim To Fame Light Comes Down Sweetheart Tree
Cocaine (Live) Light My Way Take the Rap
Come Together Little Part of You Talk Talk
Country Girl Local Still Talkin’ ’Bout Love
Cover Your Heart Lonely in the Night Talkin’ To One of the Boys
Crack Me Up Loretta Teenage Nervous Breakdown
Crazy (a Suitable Case For Treatment) Love Hurts Telegram, Pts. 1 & 4
Cry Wolf Love Leads To Madness Tell Me That You Love Me
Dear John Love of Freedom The Ballad of Hollis Brown
Demon Alcohol Love, Now You’re Gone The Key
Desolation Road Loved and Lost The King is Dead
Donna-Get Off That Crack Lover Man The Long Black Veil
Down Madelaine Thinkin’ Man’s Nightmare
Down Home Girl May Heaven Keep You This Flight Tonight
Do You Think About It May the Sunshine This Month’s Messiah
Do You Want To Play House Mexico Too Bad Too Sad
Dream on Milk And Honey Trouble
Dreamin’ Miss Misery Turn on Your Receeever
Dressed To Kill Moon Dance Turning a New Leaf
Empty Arms, Empty Heart Moonlight Eyes Tush
Every Young Man’s Dream Morning Dew Vancouver Shakedown
Everytime It Rains Move Me Victoria
Expect No Mercy My White Bicycle Vigilante Man
Fallen Angel New York Broken Toy Waiting
Fast Cars Nightingale Waiting For the Man
Fat Man Night Woman We are the People
Flying No Mean City What’s in It For Me
Fool About You Not Fakin’ It Whatever You Want Babe
Freewheeler Nothing So Good Where are You Now
Friends On the Run Whippin’ Boy
Games One From the Heart Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman
Gatecrash Open Up Woman Whiteboy
Gimme What’s Mine Other Side of You Why Don’t You Read the Book
Girls Paper Sun Wild Honey
Glad When You’re Gone Part of the Scenery Winner on the Night
Go Down Fighting Party Down Witchdoctor Woman
God Save the South Party in the Kremlin Woke Up This Morning
Gone Dead Train Piece of My Heart You Don’t Believe in Us
Good Love Place in Your Heart You Gad It Comin’
Greens Please Don’t Judas Me You Love Another
Guilty Pop the Silo You’re the Violin
Hair of the Dog    

Тексты песен Nazareth, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Nazareth фото
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