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Тексты песен ELO, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo ELO фото

Здесь вы можете найти тексты песен ELO, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo ELO фото.

photo ELO фото

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - британская рок-группа поющая в стиле рок, прогрессивный рок и симфо-рок. Основана в 1970 году Джеффом Линном и Роем Вудом. Другие участники: Ричард Тэнди, Келли Гроукатт, Бив Биван и др. Последний раз выступали в 2001 году.


Тексты песен:

10538 Overture Here Is The News Rockaria!
21st Century Man Hey Grandma Roll Over Beethoven
A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows) Hold On Tight Save Me Now
A Long Time Gone Honest Men Sea Of Dreams
Above The Clouds Hurry Up John Secret Lives
Across The Border I'm Alive Secret Messages
Ain't Necessarily So I'm Gone Send It
All Fall Down I Can Hear The Grass Grow September Song
All Over The World I Like My Toys Shangri-La
All She Wanted Illusions In G Major Shine A Little Love
Alright In My Own Time Showdown
Another Heart Breaks In Old England Town Sitting In My Tree
Auntie - (Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle) Indian Queen So Fine
Baby I Apologize Is It Alright So Glad You Said Goodbye
Beatles Forever It'll Be Me So Serious
Beautiful Daughter It's Only The Dog So You Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star
Believe Me Now It's Over Someone's Knocking
Ben Crawley Steel Company It Really Doesn't Matter Something
Big Chief Woolley Bosher It Wasn't My Idea To Dance Something Else
Big Wheels Julie Don't Live Here Sooner Or Later
Birmingham Blues Jungle Sorrow About To Fall
Blackberry Way Just For Love Standin' In The Rain
Blown Away Kilroy Was Here Starlight
Blue Violin King Of The Universe State Of Mind
Bluebird Kiss Me Red Stephanie Knows Who
Bluebird Is Dead Kuiama Steppin' Out
Borderline Laredo Tornado Stormy Weather
Bouncer Last Train To London Strange Magic
Boy Blue Latitude 88 North Stranger
Breakin' Down The Walls Let It Run Stranger On A Quiet Street
Brontosaurus Letter From Spain Summer And Lightning
Buildings Have Eyes Lift Me Up Sunshine Help Me
California Man Lightning Never Strikes Twice Surrender
Calling America Livin' Thing Suspended It Time
Can't Get It Out Of My Head Lonesome Lullaby Sweet Is The Night
Caught In A Trap Long Black Road Sweet Talkin' Woman
Cherry Blossom Clinic Look At Me Now Take Me On And On
Chinatown Looking On Tears In Your Life
Come With Me Loser Gone Wild Telephone Line
Confusion Love Changes All The Battle Of Marston Moor
Curly Love Is Like Oxygen The Birthday
Destination Unknown Love Or Money The Diary Of Horace Wimp
Dancin' Lucky Man The Disturbance
Danger Ahead Ma- Ma- Ma- Belle The Fall
Daytripper Mandalay The Fox
Dear Elaine Matter Of Fact The Girl Outside
Diary of Horace Wimp Melting In The Sun The Lady Who Said She Could Fly
Disturbance Message From The Country The Last Thing on My Mind
Do Ya Midnight Blue The Lights Go Down
Doin' That Crazy Thing Mission (A World Record) The Minister
Don't Bring Me Down Mist on a Monday Morning The Morning Sunshine
Don't Let Go Mister Kingdom The Skeleton And The Roundabout
Don't Make My Baby Blue Moment In Paradise The Way Life's Meant To Be
Don't Mess Me Up Momma This Time Tomorrow
Don't Say Good-bye Mr. Blue Sky Thousand Eyes
Don't Walk Away Mr. Crow And Sir Norman Ticket to the Moon
Don't Wanna Mr. Kingdom Tightrope
Down Home Town Mr. Radio Time After Time
Down On The Bay Mrs. Ward Tonight
Dreaming of 4000 My Marge Train Of Gold
Easy Money Need Her Love Turkish Tram Conductor Blues
Easy Street Nellie Takes Her Bow Turn To Stone
Eldorado New World Rising Twilight
Ella James Night In The City Twist Of The Knife
End Of The Road Night Of Fear Until Your Moma's Gone
Endless Lies Nightrider Useless Information
Epilogue No Time Video
Every Little Thing No Way Out Voices
Every Night Nobody's Child Vote For Me
Evil Woman Nobody Home Walk Upon The Water
Feel Too Good Now You're Gone Waterfall
Fields Of People Oh No Not Susan Wave Your Flag and Stop the Train
Fire Brigade Omnibus Weekend
Flowers in the Rain On The Run What?
Follow Me Follow On With The Show What Would It Take
For The Love Of A Woman Once Upon A Time When Alice Comes Back to the Farm
Four Little Diamonds One More Tomorrow When Time Stood Still
From The End Of The World One Summer Dream Whiskey Girls
Getting To The Point Open Up Said The World At The Door Whisper In The Night
Girl At The Window Ordinary Dream Wild Tiger Woman
Goin' Down To Rio Pie In The Sky Wild Times
Going Home Please No More Sad Songs Wild West Hero
Great Balls Of Fire Poker Wishing
Heart Of Hearts Poor Boy (The Greenwood) Without Someone
Heartbreaker Power Of A Million Lights Witness
Heaven Only Knows Prologue Xanadu
Hello Queen Of The Hours Yellow Rainbow
Hello My Old Friend Rain Is Falling Your Friend
Hello Susie Reminds Me Of You Yours Truly 2095
Helpless Rock 'N' Roll Is King Zing Went The Strings of My Heart

Тексты песен ELO, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo ELO фото
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