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Тексты песен Avril Lavigne, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Avril Lavigne фото

Здесь вы можете найти тексты песен Avril Lavigne, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Avril Lavigne фото.

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Avril Lavigne - канадская певица, родилась 27 сентября 1984 года, в канадском городке Беллвилль, провинции Онтарио. Начала петь в 2002 году.


Тексты песен:

4 Real In The End
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (countdown) Innocence
Adia Iris
Alice It's A Little To Late
All The Small Things Jesse
All You Will Never Know Kathy's Song
Alone Keep Holding On
American Idiot Kiss Me
And I Knockin on Heaven's Door
Angel Let Go
Angry Nerd Rock Losing Grip
Another Day Make Up
Anything but Ordinary Mobile
Basket Case Move Your Little Self On
Behind Schedule My Dreams
Black Star My Own Worst Enemy
Boxed My World
Breakaway Naked
Breathing By Wires Near to the Heart of God
Broken No One Needs to Know
Catching Nobody's Fool
Chop Suey Nobody's Home
Come Back Not Enough
Complicated Not Gonna Run
Contagious Not the Only One
Daddy Went To War O Holy Night
Dammit Once And For Real
Darlin One of Those Girls
Daydream Pathetic
Despise You Punky Princess 4
Destiny Push
Dolphins Reject
Don't Give Remember When
Don't Tell Me Round Here
Elevator Runaway
Eternity Skater Boy
Everybody Hurts Slipped Away
Everyday Again Smells Like Teen Spirit
Everything Back But You Smile
Fall Into You So Damn Hard
Fall to Pieces Sometimes
Falling Down Spongebob Squarepants Theme
Falling Into History Stay
Fast Stayin' Strong
Feeling Sorry For Myself Stop Standing There
Flag Above My Door Strings
Foolish Take It
Forgotten Take Me Away
Freak Out Take Me Away (Original)
Fruity Dude Temple of Life
Fuel The Best Damn Thing
Get Over It The Hockey Song
Girlfriend The Other Guy
Give It Up The Punk Show
Go The Scientist
Good Girl There Is
Goodbye Things I'll Never Say
Hallelujah Think About It
Hanging Out Together
Happy Ending Tomorrow
He Wasn't Tomorrow You Didn't
Headset Too Much to Ask
Here's Your Letter Touch the Sky
Hold Touchdown Boy
Hold On TV
Hot Two Rivers
How Does It Feel Unwanted
I'm Feeling This Dude Waggy
I'm With You Waste Of Time
I Always Get What I Want What the Hell
I Can Do Better When You're Gone
I Don't Give a Damn Who Knows
I Don't Have to Try Why
I Love You Wish You Were Here
I Will Be You Never Satisfy Me
I Won't be Home for Christmas You Were Mine
Imagine -

Тексты песен Avril Lavigne, слова песен скачать бесплатно/ photo Avril Lavigne фото
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